Helping children in Thailand born with HIV 
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Born To Live Charity Inc.

"What counts most in life is what you can do for others"" 



We would like to welcome As
sociate Professor Thanyawee Puthanakit to our Born To Live Family.  Professor Thanyawee is taking over the responsibilities of Dr Torsak. 
She actually has worked at the HIV-NAT Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre for many years but she is new to the current role.  
She is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University and HIV-NAT. 
With all Professor Thanyawee's experience we are so excited to welcome her to the Born To Live Team and appreciate her knowledge and experience. 


We would like to say farewell to Dr Torsak who has taken another position.

We will miss Dr Torsak and his beautiful family. 

Dr Torsak had a great rapport with the children and staff and we appreciate all the work Dr Torsak has done with the Born to Live children.

We wish him and his family all the very best for their future and their new adventures.

2016 Christmas Appeal

Wow thank you everyone for all your support during our 2016 Christmas Appeal.

It is special times like Christmas when you realize that people are generally loving and wonderful.

Too much is reported in the press about the bad seeds in today's Society performing one bad act but not enough is advertised about people in general being there for each other and are generous and in times of need.

We would like to thank everyone who donated and returned stars during our Christmas Appeal.  The stars returned were placed on our Christmas Tree and everyone of them is included in my prayers and thoughts.  Our tree was full of stars this year and there are still more arriving in the mail everyday.

Thank You and God Bless Everyone of You

Father Sean xxx


Welcome Sr. Sue
We are honored to have you on board

We would love to warmly welcome Sr Susan (on the right with Dr Suparat) as the newest member of our Born To Live Charity Team. 
Sr Sue is an absolutely wonderful, warm,  energetic and beautiful lady who is also the sister of one of our generous Sponsors. 
Sr Sue has been interested in the work our Charity does for quite a while now and has recently come back from a trip to Thailand to visit our children and see the work Born To Live Charity is involved in.

She was very touched and excited to arrive in Thailand and was picked up by our teams in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.
She was introduced to our children and their families and spent  time in our Clinics making cards and crafts with the children.
The children absolutely loved Sr Sue and she fell in love with them.

Sr Sue works tirelessly spreading the word about the Charity and she has generously obtained 5 new sponsors to support 5 children who are in need of our help.

Sr Sue God bless you and your work, we are so happy to have you on board and look forward to a wonderful friendship.

Who is Born To Live Charity.....

Our Born to Live Charity Inc. began through the vision and support of a wonderful group of volunteers who saw a great need in helping children, in Thailand, who were born with HIV.  This group of volunteers formed the foundation of our Born To Live Charity.


Father Sean, as Director, in conjunction with Dr. Torsak and our Social Worker Non in Bangkok and Dr. Superat and Jim our Social Worker in Chiangmai saw the special needs in obtaining and distributing medications, providing education and supporting children to live at home. These children were born with HIV and we need to help them take their place in Society in today’s world. 


It’s important for these children to grow up believing and realizing that they have an illness NOT a stigma.  The care of the medical team in Bangkok and Chiangmai from Doctors, Nurses and Social Workers is outstanding. 


A great bond has grown between the Born To Live Charity here in Australia and the Born To Live Medical Team in Bangkok and Chiangmai.  We have over 300 children who come under our care and live a happy and a good quality life from our ongoing support, financial and loving care.


Thanks to the hard work and determination of the original Committee the Charity is not only fully Incorporated but also has the status of tax deduction for donations. 


We also have the privilege of having Anne Wills (Willsy) as the Patron of our Charity and her bright personality and generosity of heart adds a further gift to our Charity.