Helping children in Thailand born with HIV 
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Born To Live Charity Inc.

"What counts most in life is what you can do for others"" 

Our Staff and Volunteers

We would like to introduce our dedicated Staff and Volunteers

DR SUPARAT Pictured in the middle together with Father Sean and one of our Nursing Staff in Chiang Mai

DR SUPARAT is a young Thai woman who studied for her medical career in Thailand and the USA. She is married to a young Thai Doctor who is a cardiologist specialist in Chiangmai.  They have a lovely young daughter who is now 6 years old.  As a family they love nature and bird watching as a hobby. 

Dr Suparat is now the chief Medical Officer for the HIV programme in Chiangmai.  She is employed by the Nakornping Hospital in Chiangmai and yet gives as much time if not more to the children and their families.

She has a very close personal relationship with all of our children and attends all our Camps and functions taking part in all the activities and games with children and staff.  The children love her as their Doctor and friend. 

CHERDSAK BOONMALIKA - Thailand Co-ordinator and Social Worker

Chiang Mai

Jim is a young Thai  man who came to Australia to further his education in accountancy.  While here he took the adopted name of ‘Jim’.  He became very much a part of the Born To Live Charity and when he returned to Thailand he wanted to continue to be involved with the Charity.  He uses his accountancy skills to manage all the financial aspects of the charity in Chiangmai.  He has also become involved as a Social Worker and a Co-Coordinator of the program with Dr. Suparat and the medical Team involved.

He visits the hospital twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays to interview the children and their families and to attend to all their financial needs including medication, education and supplements the family income.  He also

attends all the children’s camps and other activities and on behalf of the Medical Team does home visitations to see the children in their family environment.  All of his input is voluntary. And he has a tremendous rapport with the children and families.


Associate Professor Thanyawee Puthanakit  is in charge of the HIV program in Bangkok at the HIV-NAT Centre.  She has worked at the HIV-NAT Thai Red Cross AIDS Centre for many years but she is new to the role. 

She is a Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist at the Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn Universitt and HIV-NAT. She replaced Dr Torsak as the person in charge of the program in Bangkok, she has a wonderful rapport with the children and with all Professor Thanyawee's  experience we are so excited to welcome her to the Born To Live Team and appreciate her knowledge. 

Bangkok - Social Worker

Chutima who is lovingly known as Oui. She now becomes the Psycho Social Worker for the HIV Medical Team in Bangkok who is sponsored by the Thai Government with whom we work and liaison with the Born to Live Charity.

Oui has already had a wonderful introduction to the Born to Live Charity by attending our Bangkok camp this year and co-working with Non.  She has also spent the last four months working side by side with Non to make the transition period a lot easier on the children and their families. 

BOW  Psycho Social Worker

Bow has recently graduated from University and wants to work with our children born with HIV.
She attends Camps and is a valuable asset to the Charity as she is wonderful with co-ordinating interactive activities with the children.
As Bow is young herself she has a great rapport with the children especially the older ones attending high school and University.
Thank you Bow. 

OUR VOLUNTEERS Some of our Nursing and Professional  Volunteers who come on Annual Camps to help us with the children.

Without the help of these dedicated workers we could not run our Camps and many children would miss out on the only opportunity to escape their day to day lives. We owe them our deep gratitude.

FATHER SEAN (and Alana)
Director and Founder of Born To Live Charity
Adelaide Australia
The Born To Live Charity came into existence as a result of Father Sean meeting Dr. Jean who began the HIV Programme with children in Thailand.  She was anxious to extend the Medical Programme into the educational and family life of the children and needed financial support to do so.  After clinic visitations and home visitations with her medical team we were privileged to be invited to be part of this wonderful programme.  We began with our first Camp for children and from there the project has developed to it's present stage.

Personal Assistant to Father Sean
Adelaide Australia
Teresa is one of the initial committee members formed for Born To Live Charity and continues to offer her support in the Secretarial field which is a great benefit to the Charity.