Helping children in Thailand born with HIV 
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Born To Live Charity Inc.

"What counts most in life is what you can do for others"" 

Why We Exist

The Work We Do

Sponsorship Programme


This has become a vital form of fundraising and supporting our children in our Born To Live Family.

These children, because of the sponsorship programme, can continue to live within their family unit and feel secure and happy about their future. Many children in Thailand have to live in government houses or orphanages when their families are unable to care for them. 

Our Australian sponsors make a commitment of $360 per year to the support of their child and the majority of these sponsors do this on a regular payment of $30 per month. Once again we thank our special Sponsors for their ongoing commitment and care for their sponsored child. If you wish to be part of this programme in the future please let us know via email, snail mail or phone.  Each sponsor family receives photos of their child and up to date information of their child and family.


Home Visitation


Another vital programme is the Home Visitation on a regular basis by our Social Workers.  It gives us the opportunity to see the children in their home environment and make sure that they are being brought up in a happy and safe environment.  This also provides help for the children who are with elderly carers who cannot physically make the long trip to the Clinic.  Obviously Home Visitation is a very lengthy process as our Medical Staff and Social Workers have to travel vast distances to visit some of our children who live in remote areas.

Education Programmes


There are many other children who are part of the Born To Live HIV programme who depend on our fundraising for their Education.  Without your generous support these children would not be able to obtain a proper education and their futures would be bleak.

There are over 200 children involved in these programmes and thanks to our Medical Staff in Chiang Mai and Bangkok we are able to provide this ongoing support to over 200 children and their families. 


Clinic Programmes


A vital part of our Born To Live Projects is making sure our children attend Clinic in Bangkok and Chiang Mai every three months.  During these visits the children are closely monitored for their CD4 Cell count levels.  These levels monitor the progression of HIV. A person who is HIV negative should have a cell count between 400 – 1600 cells per mm3 and by close supervision and the correct medications our children can live healthy productive lives. 

For some of the children, and their Carers, to come to Clinic it is a very big ordeal.  They would have to travel for many hours by push bike, bus or moped and have no money at all.  Born To Live Charity will also cover the cost of their transport to and from the Clinic as well as a meal while they are at the Clinic.  This way we can guarantee their attendance.

Annual Camps


Born To Live Charity hold four annual Camps for the children.  This is not limited only to our sponsor children but all children in the Born To Live Programme. 

The camps compromise of two categories – the Pre Teen Camps and the Teen Camps.  Both these category of Camps play a very major role in the lives of children born with HIV. 

The Pre Teen Camps are held in Bangkok and Chiangmai and they are usually a day or one night camp as the children are still quite young.  These camps are a bonding time for the children to make friends with other children with HIV who will progress in life with similar obstacles as themselves. It is also a time to teach and train their carers on how to handle the stigma of HIV without putting a negative spin on it.


Secondly there are the Teen Camps.  These Camps are awaited with much anticipation by all teens; for some of them it is the only time in their lives that they get to go away and have a break from their difficult lives.  These camps are designed to teach the children that there is life after HIV and living with HIV is not a death sentence. We focus on giving the children confidence and a positive attitude all at the same time teaching them the importance of regular medical checks, HIV medication, career paths, forming special relationships for their future.  All this information also assists in decreasing the spread of HIV through responsible teachings.